Carrier of the Medicine System

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Students preserve culture as one way to participate in the Tradition.

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Parents and children are welcome members of the community.

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A key to understanding the fundamental forces of the universe.

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Students from different backgrounds come together to study.

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The Universe gives us many elements to use.

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We learn and develop through practice, observation and experience.

The Tetzkatlipoka Tradition is a part of the Mexikayotl or Aztec culture and its purpose is to develop consciousness. The foundation of this tradition is a system called Nawi Ollin Teotl that has been developed over the past 5,500 years and passed along through an oral tradition. The Tradition has kept this wisdom hidden within Mexihka (Aztec) families after Mexihko Tenoxtitlan lost the war with the Castillians in 1521. In the year 1989 the decision was made by the Elders to open the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition and to share its knowledge and practices with humanity. Tzenwaxolokwauhtli is the Carrier of the Medicine System in this Tradition.




Energy therapy handed down within the Tzatzoehetzin family.


Tzen regularly travels and teaches in the U.S.